Rates and fees

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CreditLine Amount Description
Interest rate
Annual Percentage Rate (APR) 29.99% Interest rate applicable on outstanding balances that are not subject to a promotional period
Cash rate 29.99% Interest rate applicable on cash advances, purchases & BPAY where biller doesn't accept credit or we have otherwise told you that will be treated as a cash advance.
Establishment fee $25 (one-off) This is a once-only fee for establishing your account.
Account servicing fee $10.95 Charged monthly
Paper statement fee $5.00  
Overdue fees
Late fee $45 This fee is charged if you do not pay any amount that is due and payable (e.g. your minimum monthly payment) by the due date.
Cash fees
ATM withdrawal fee Greater of 3.5% or $4 Charged when you make a cash withdrawal from an ATM.
EFTPOS withdrawal fee $0.85 Charged when you make a cash withdrawal using EFTPOS
BPAY cash advance fee Greater of 3.5% or $4 Charged if you make a BPAY™ payment to a biller who doesn't accept payments from credit cards or we otherwise tell you that the payment is to be treated as a cash advance. You'll be notified before making your BPAY™ payment if this charge is to be applied.
Payment fees
Payment handling fee $3.95 (in person) Charged for each payment made in person.
$1.95 (online) Charged for each payment made online (this excludes payments made via the Online Service Centre).

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Description Charge
Annual fee $0
Purchase annual percentage rate 20.40% p.a.
Cash purchase annual percentage rate 24.40% p.a.
Cash advance fee $4 or 3.5% of the cash advance, whichever is greater
Establishment fee $25
Late fee $45
Paper statement fee $5.00
Payment handling fee $3.95 (in person)
$1.95 (online)
Monthly account keeping fee $5.95

There are ways to reduce fees — or even avoid paying some of them altogether.

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Know how much you have

Keep track of your account by using the Online Service Centre or download the Latitude App.

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Avoid late fees

  • Ensure you've paid at least your minimum payment before the due date*.
  • Allow an extra day or two. Remember, payments like BPAY™ and personal cheques can take 3 - 5 business days to process.
  • Make sure you have enough money in your account to cover all direct debits and other scheduled payments.