GE CreditLine

With GE CreditLine, you can buy what you want today with interest free* and pay for it over time. Accepted at over 10,000 stores around Australia, you can also make additional interest free purchases up to your credit limit, without having to re-apply.

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It only takes a few minutes. Once you're approved, you can go interest free shopping immediately knowing exactly how much you have to spend. Fees and charges apply.

How GE CreditLine works

There are two types of interest fee promotions. Ask at your local store about which one is available today. The main difference is when you're required to make repayments.

  1. Buy Now Pay Later
    Buy what you want today, and you are not required to make any repayments during the interest free period (eg 6, 12, 24 months). You can choose to pay the outstanding balance for your purchase in full before the interest free period ends, and you won't pay any interest on that purchase.
  2. Interest Free
    Unlike the Buy Now Pay Later option above, you are required to make minimum monthly repayments during the interest free period (eg 6, 12, 38, 48 months). The minimum amount required is 3% of you total balance or $40 - whichever is greater - and will appear on your monthly statement. You'll need to pay more than the minimum monthly repayment during the interest free period to avoid paying interest.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I avoid paying interest?
If you choose to pay the outstanding balance in full before your interest free period ends, you won’t pay any interest on that purchase.

Are there penalties for early repayments?
No. You can pay off the whole amount of your purchase before the interest free period expires and there is no penalty.

What happens if I don’t pay off my purchase within the interest free period?
You will begin to incur interest on any outstanding amount from the date your interest free period expired. The interest will not be backdated.

Can I choose which finance option I use?
Stores run different interest free promotions at various times of the year. Ask in-store about the finance options currently being offered in the store you’d like to make your purchase from.

How will I track when my repayments are due?
You’ll be sent a statement every month, showing the minimum amount you’re required to pay and the due date.

You can also access your account details using the Online Service Centre 24/7. You just need your account number to register.

Can I use GE CreditLine to make additional interest free purchases?
You can purchase as many times as you like – up to your credit limit from stores that accept GE CreditLine.

Can I only use my GE CreditLine card at the store where I initially made my purchase?
No. GE CreditLine is accepted at over 10,000 stores around Australia and you can purchase again from any of those stores.

What else can I do with my GE CreditLine card?
In addition to making interest free purchases for your ‘big ticket’ items, you can also use your card in other ways including for accessing cash^. Your card can also be used through the EFTPOS system. Just remember that fees will apply if you use your card in these ways and interest will be charged straight away.

Apply Now
*Approved applicants only. Conditions, fees and charges apply
^ Your cash limit will be shown on your first statement.

GE CreditLine is a credit facility provided by GE Finance Australasia Pty Ltd
(ABN 88 000 015 485) trading as GE Money. This site is maintained by GE Money.

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